Mobile websites are set to become the NEW Yellow Pages?

When mobile phones first appeared, you were only able to see them in movies or on very rare occasions. Today however, for many of us, it is hard to imagine how we could have actually lived without them for all those years. Everyone has a mobile phone today. Well, the same thing is already happening with smartphones and tablets. The time when average person will not be able to imagine a life without a smartphone will come very soon. In the United Kingdom for instance, more than 90% of mobile users go online on a regular basis. On the global level, almost 35% of all online sales are made via mobile devices. Those two numbers are more than enough to help you realize that mobile websites are set to become the NEW Yellow Pages! However, we will analyze this a little deeper, giving you some more to think about.

Load speed: Websites that are not designed or adapted for mobile phones often tend to load much slower than the mobile websites. That is due to the  fact that mobile devices load pages a bit more slowly than do PCs, due to their technical limitations. That is why a website needs to be created to be “lighter” and easier to load. Furthermore, it isn’t just a matter of the  size of the content, but the content type is also very important. For example, many mobile devices are not able to load Flash files. Thus, all Flash content on your website becomes completely unavailable to many mobile users. And why is all this important? According to a number of recent studies, 60 percent of mobile users who encounter a bad experience when visiting a website on their mobile device (mostly due to a slow loading speed), will never return to that site and will turn to the competition straight away. That is  alarming information if you do not have a mobile-friendly or mobile website.

Sales: According to multiple researchers, approximately one quarter of overall online sales is performed by mobile devices. And that figure, just as most other figures we have listed and will list on this page, is constantly on the rise. About half of tablet users actually prefer buying via their tablet device to making purchases on a PC. And more than half of tablet users make purchases using their tablets on a regular basis. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a Click To Call button on your mobile homepage then you are losing business customers every day! As for these numbers and user preferences, we are not going to analyze them at all.  We will just let you think about them for a while.

The progress of smartphones: It is not so rare an occurrence anymore to meet someone who has a tablet or a smartphone that has a processor faster than the one from the PC in their office. People are thus relying more and more on mobile computers. The PC is slowly becoming just a tool for doing some work, whereas spending free time online is focused more and more on mobile platforms.

Google: If you don’t know what is going to happen to the internet in the future, you should just follow their lead, because those changes are either devised by them, or they are at the very least well informed and knowledgeable about what future holds. Thus, in late 2013, people from Google introduced a new search algorithm, called the Hummingbird. As usual, they didn’t want to reveal much about how it is going to work, but one of the rare things that was announced is that the increased importance of mobile user experience will be one of the two or three biggest changes overall.

Higher conversion: People are most likely to perform certain online actions after they visit a webpage via a mobile device. Whether it is a sign up, purchase, opening an ad link, or any other activity, the activity is much more likely to happen after the visit to their mobile, rather than to their desktop website.

Considering all this, it is clear that the time when having a mobile website is a necessity has already arrived. And things will continue developing in that direction even more in the future. That is why it is rather surprising to read that only one third of online businesses have mobile or mobile-friendly websites. However, that is actually a good thing, because in that fact lies a great opportunity. Get the mobile version of the website for your business and take the upper hand over your competition. If you do not have a mobile website, you can change that easily, and you can turn your handicap into your edge on the market.

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